The NanoBioPhysX Club aspires to bring together all scientists at WUR working in the broad areas of the Molecular Life Sciences / Biochemistry / Biophysics plus adjacent fields like Chemistry, Bioinformatics, and more – specifically invited as the 'X'.  

To strengthen the network among scientists with a fundamental interest, at WUR, the NanoBioPhysX Club offers an inspiring seminar series (incl. borrel), taking place every last Wednesday of the month. [See program]

We invite everyone who shares our enthusiasm for fundamental and interdisciplinary biomolecular research down to the nanoscale. 

Interested?  To invite your own international heroes, contact us and become a Member PI.


Jasper Landman, Johannes Hohlbein

The organizers  [Contact]

Our Mission

Wageningen University & Research is rapidly becoming a hub for exciting science in the crossover fields between nanotechnology, life science and soft matter physics. While related to traditional WUR topics in agro-, food- and lifesciences, we see a need for a sharper profiling and a strengthening of bonds between researchers that work in these fields. Our aim is to set up a network of principal investigators within WUR that work on the boundary of nanoscience, biology and physics, to stimulate internal collaboration, create a sense of community, and to substantially improve outward communication.


This initiative consists of two parts. First, a monthly colloquium series adjoined with a social event, aimed mainly at scientific staff, phd and postdocs. Speakers at this colloquium series are national and international researchers working on the crossover of nanoscience, biology and physics, invited by the participating PI’s in the network. The talks will be followed up by drinks on campus for all attendees, to spark inspiring discussions and connect researchers on a regular basis in a social setting. Moreover, PhD candidates will be exposed to more, diverse research, enriching their own experience. 


Second, we hope to strengthen communication between members of the NanoBioPhysX Club and the outside world. This website will serve as a hub linking to all the research pages of the PI’s in the network, as well as a central place to share projects, vacancies and information about internal & external events.

NanoBioPhysX Club seminars take place every last Wednesday of the month (except December, July and August) at 16h at a location announced in advance. Register yourself for our newsletter, to stay up to date: https://www.wur.nl/en/article/subscribe-for-the-nanobiophysx-club-newsletter.htm

Our upcoming for June will be announced soon.

Sci-comm coverage

written by graduate students as part of their NanoBioPhysX Course.

Ron Milo 12/2022

Willem Kegel 11/2022

Jan Lipfert 09/2022